The Process

Sourcing the Wood

  • Every single piece of wood we use is hand selected from individual trees of the highest quality (Grade A) at government-operated teak plantations. We supervise the felling of the trees to ensure we get what we selected.
  • Once felled, each tree trunk is numbered or marked and given documentation evidencing its origin. Rough tree trunks are then transported by our crew to our workshops.
  • These steps are critically important because they allow us to certify the provenance of teak wood used as compliant with the EU-FLEGT license and the Indonesian V-Legal certification.

Building the Furniture

  • Team leaders decide how to cut the trunks so as to reduce waste and optimize efficiencies. Supervised by master carpenters, highly skilled craftsmen hand craft unique, one-of-a-kind items. More than 115 of our master carpenters, craftsmen and team members handle all the work at our three workshops in Central Java, Indonesia.
  • Our furniture is minimally treated to showcase the natural beauty and individuality of the wood used.
  • At each step in the process, we test for strength and durability and inspect the craftsmanship of pieces to ensure they meet our exacting internal quality standard.

The Final Steps

  • After a final overall inspection, items are packaged with safeguards to ensure minimum mobility and maximum protection.
  • We then load our own containers, so we know packaged pieces leave our workshops in great condition. These containers are loaded on a “feeder vessel” to meet the “mother vessel” for its long voyage to the USA.
  • TOS has its own, in-house export clearing agency, which allows us to select only the newest and cleanest containers.
  • Our freight and logistics tracking system enables us to “follow” each container on its journey to the USA and on to your door.

Why Teak?

Teak (Tectona grandis) is a large deciduous hardwood tree that is native to South and Southeast Asia but is now grown on plantations in about 70 countries in the world. Indonesia, where we source our wood, has the 2nd largest planted teak area in the world.

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