High-Quality Teak Furniture

Ethically Sourced. Passionately Built.

The TOS Promise

Meet the Teak Outlet Store, an outlet store with a conscience. At TOS, High-Street quality meets Main-Street prices. Our mission is to bring you great quality furniture, hand-crafted from environmentally sustainable teak, in a socially responsible manner, and at a great price.

Unique & Hand-Made

Our Process

From hand selecting each teak tree, to hand crafting individual pieces by master carpenters, from start to finish, we work hard to ensure the integrity of our supply chain and bring you high-quality teak furniture at a great price.

Why Do We Love This
Teak Furniture So Much?

Here Are A Few Reasons:

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Teak Outlet Store cares about the environment. All of our wood is sourced from government-operated plantations, so we know that it’s grown and harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner. All of our teak products meet the strict FLEGT-licencing (Forest Law Enforcement Government and Trade) standards, and have a V-Legal certification, meaning they comply with the legality and sustainability standards and supply chain control requirements set by Indonesian regulations.

  • Social Responsibility

    TOS cares about our people too! Our three workshops near Jepara in Central Java, Indonesia, pay our carpenters, craftsmen and team members a fair wage. As part of our annual V-Legal certification, the workshops are inspected for, among other things, workers’ safety, correct machine operations, and cleanliness.

  • Unique, Hand-made Products

    Ever wondered why most of our competitors’ teak products all look exactly the same? It’s because most furniture is machine-made and dip-dyed to achieve uniform products with identical finishes. Not us. In nature, no two things are exactly the same and neither are our furniture pieces! We double-kiln dry the wood for maximum protection, but we do not dip-dye it so that the natural color and texture of the wood shines through. We value the hands of our highly skilled master carpenters more than machines. You get a hand-made, unique, one-of-a-kind original.

  • High Street Quality at a Main Street Price

    A unique product, hand-made from sustainable wood in a socially responsible manner has to be expensive, right? Wrong! Building on years of personal operational experience, we have taken control of the entire process from start to finish. The savings from eliminating the middlemen are passed on to you to offer you the best possible quality for the best possible price.